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Auto Finesse MPX Mini Dual action polisher

MPX Dual Action Polisher
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129,90 €
The MPX Dual Action Polisher is a professional quality compact paint correction tool ideal for targeting smaller areas and contoured panels with pinpoint accuracy… but with the added grunt needed to complete a whole vehicle! Developed as the ultimate cost-effective, small-frame machine polisher, the MPX has an 9mm orbit for intensive restoration and refinement of paintwork and is supplied complete with both 3 and 5-inch, hook-and-loop backing plates, designed to fit a full selection of polishing pads, including our Revitalise System V2 Pads, and Revitalise Spot Pads. The choice of every detailing professional, machine polishing is the best way to restore paintwork and for the removal of common defects such as swirl marks, scratches, etching, holograms, water spots, oxidation and minor abrasions, refining paint to a flawless finish. All paint correction processes use abrasive polishes and compounds to level down the top layer of clearcoat (or single stage topcoat) over and around the flaws, to the bottom of the deepest defect. Rather than removing the defect directly, this removes the entire area around it, until the defect simply disappears. Due to the way abrasive formulas are required to break down throughout this process, utilising a machine polisher will always be the quickest and most effective method of getting the most from your polishing product. Through heat and physical friction, the abrasive particles in compounds are broken up as you work them through to create a finer and finer finish. On a microscopic level these particles are smashed together, breaking them up into smaller and smaller particles which cut the surface less and less, and start to refine more and more. This is what gives a compound its ‘range of cut'. This is also the reason it's important to fully work your compound through - usually indicated by the residue turning clear - for it to ‘finish down' properly and create the most refined surface possible with that particular abrasive. When using a machine polisher, working through this process is far quicker and more consistent than by hand, and that's why a machine is the choice of professionals – simply because you get amazing results. Machine polishers can also be used for the application of cleaner polishes, surface cleansers and paint Glazes, such as Tripple All-in-One Polish, Ultra Glaze Paint Glaze and Rejuvenate Paintwork Cleanser.
Size 1pcs