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Auto Finesse Gloss

Spray-on tire wax with glossy and wet finish!

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In detailing one of the most important pieces are the finishing touches. One of the key finishing touches is the wheels and tyres. Dripping wet tyres can really enhance the appearance of any vehicle, whether it is a car, motorbike, tuck or lorry Gloss completes this task with ease with its simple spray and shine technology. It doesn’t matter if you are a weekend enthusiast who takes pride in maintaining the family car, or a high-volume professional detailer beautifying cars and bikes worth well into six figures. Auto Finesse Gloss tyre dressing is a product that you will always look forward to using. Its easy spray on nature allows you to dress tyres in seconds, and you wont even get you hands dirty in the process. At Auto Finesse we understand that not all detailers and detailing hobbyists enjoy using a tyre gel. Tyre gels can often be dirty to use and take time to work into the tyre walls. Gloss tyre dressing eliminates the need for a tyre gel. Simply spray gloss onto the tyre wall and walk away… yes its that easy! Application: Gloss is a great all round tyre dressing and suits may needs. The simple spray and shine nature of Gloss makes this a product you should ways have in your Detailers Kit Bag. Whether it’s after a weekly maintenance wash, a full restoration detail, national car show, or you are just at a local car show, Gloss’s simple and easy to use nature means you can have perfect tyres anyway and everywhere!